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Illustrations by Osh Thorsson From the Book Otties Journey

Sounds You See! Activity Book

The Sounds You See! activities are designed to improve/increase:

      • Phonemic Awareness
      • Word Retrieval
      • Sight Words
      • Sound Sequencing
      • Spelling

These fun activities include a book of word lists along with a set of 12 different colored bingo chips (20 of each color) that are used to represent the phonemes in words presented to the child auditorily. Color-coding is employed as a strategy to facilitate the acquisition of word analysis skills for decoding, spelling, oral reading, and verbal production of words of increasing length. Included in the word-list book are 77 pages of word lists, organized into 10 lessons for words:

      • That increase in length from two phonemes to five phonemes,
      • In which the vowel changes from word to word,
      • In which blends are formed by deleting/adding phonemes.

Detailed instructions for using the words lists with the bingo chips are included. Long and short-term goals are included for each lesson.

Ages: 1st-12th grade

Sounds You See Activity Book - Price:  $24.99 + Shipping