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Illustrations by Osh Thorsson From the Book Otties Journey

Morphit! Activities and Games Kit

The Morph It! Kit includes 3 activities designed to improve:
      • Morphological Awareness
      • Visual Closure Skills
      • Word Retrieval
      • Word Recognition/Decoding Skills
      • Expressive Language
      • Oral Reading

Games included in the kit: Morphish!, Morph It! Bingo, and Morph It! Sentence Concentration.

The kit includes:
      • 2 Laminated Bingo Cards
      • 50 Base Word Playing Cards
      • 50 Suffix Playing Cards
      • 50 Prefix Playing Cards
      • 60 Words in Sentences Playing Cards

Ages: 2nd-12th grade

Morphit! Activities and Games Kit - Price:  $24.95 + Shipping