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Illustrations by Osh Thorsson From the Book Otties Journey


Literacy-Based Articulation Pictures and Treatment Approach
A Make-It-YourSelf Product

The LitArtic sound stimulation cards, practice sheets and treatment approach are a totally unique set of materials. The CD contains 970 pictures for photocopying, which are organized 10 on a page; 40 for each English phoneme in the initial and final word positions (where possible) along with 10 word, phrase and sentence cards to pair with each phoneme to create phrases and sentences. The pictures also can be printed on business card stock to create individual picture cards.

The stimulus words were chosen because they are/have:

• Simple to say: 90% of the words are single syllable words with vowel-consonant, consonant-vowel, or
   consonant-vowel-consonant phoneme structure. Great for children with apraxia or other motor speech disorders
• Vocabulary to facilitate the acquisition of sight word vocabulary for reading as 341 of the first 600 Dolch
   sight words are included as stimulus cards. Also included are 88 common school-related words, and 79
   concept words for math and language arts.

Ages: 3-18 years

LitArtic CD - Price:  $24.99 + Shipping