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Illustrations by Osh Thorsson From the Book Otties Journey

From Speech to Reading and Reading to Speech - Component 2

This set of intervention materials are designed to help children with apraxia, and other speech disorders, dyslexia, language disabilities, developmental delays, autism, attention deficit disorder with and without hyperactivity, and head injury improve and refine their decoding/word analysis skills, word construction abilities, and oral reading skills; and then, to use oral reading as a speech and language intervention. The program is clinically tested and proven effective for children in 1st through 12th grade.

Included in the Binder:

From Speech to Reading and Reading to Speech Comp. 2 - Price:  $114.99 + Shipping

The Easy Eye Tracker Reading Tool (patented) (More info. on our Speech/Language/Reading 2 page).
• The Guided Decoding Strategies (See our Speech/Language/Reading 2 page for more information).

• Reading to Speech: Techniques for using the word recognition and oral reading tasks to improve speech,
   language and language processing skills.

• WordWright™
• Sounds You See™: Sets of word lists, which contain single syllable words having 2 to 5 phonemes, which
  are organized into 7 lessons. 20 each of 12 different colored round plastic “chips.”
• Syllable Toss: Written directions for the game.
• Sound Sleuth™: 1150 picture organized 10 pictures to a page. The word for each picture is written on
  the card. One letter or syllable is missing in each word; the complete word appears on the back of the
  card. Three sets of alphabet tiles are included to be used with the activity.
• Famous Phonemes™: 48 idioms, 14 nursery rhymes, 33 “Words of Wisdom” and 22 famous people,
  places, holidays, and things in which key sounds/letters in some of the words are missing, or, in which
  words are missing. 9 nursery rhymes and 12 “Words of Wisdom” in which some words have their letter
  sequences scrambled are also included. 
Morph it!™: Base word templates comprised of 156 base words and prefixes and suffixes used to
  create multisyllabic words. 400 sentences in which the multisyllabic words created on the templates
  can be inserted. 
Long and Short-Term/Individualized goals and evaluation procedures are included at the beginning of
  the instructions for each activity.

The binder also includes:

• A CD with the WordWright™ materials.
• A box with 240 plastic bingo chips used in the Sounds You See!™ activity.
• Alphabet tiles.

Ages: 1st - 12th grade