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Illustrations by Osh Thorsson From the Book Otties Journey

From Speech to Reading and Reading to Speech - Component 1

This set of intervention materials are designed to take children from their first words, through the development of clearly produced speech, expanded language abilities, development of decoding and reading skills, and then to use reading as a way to improve speech clarity in connected sentences. It is clinically tested and proven effective for children with apraxia, and other speech disorders, dyslexia, language disabilities, developmental delays, autism, attention deficit disorder with and without hyperactivity, and head injury.

Materials Included:

From Speech to Reading and Reading to Speech Comp. 1 - Price:  $96.99 + Shipping

• Listen and Talk! ™: Written description of a method for eliciting sounds, words, and connected utterances in
   young children, along with 28 play based activities.

• LitArtic™: 970 pictures organized 10 to a page; 40 for each English phoneme in the initial and final
  word positions (where possible) along with 10 word, phrase and sentence cards to pair with each phoneme
  to create phrases and sentences.

• Transitions to Reading: Written description of activities to help children learn print awareness and sound/oral
  motor movement/letter correspondence.

• Easy Eye Tracker Reading Tool™ (patented) (See our Speech/Language/Reading 2 page for more information).

• The Guided Decoding Strategies (See our Speech/Language/Reading 2 page for more information).

• The Reading to Speech activities description.

• Long-and Short-term/Individualized goals and evaluation procedures are included at the beginning of
   the instructions for each activity.

The binder also includes a CD with the LitArtic program. Pictures can be photocopied 10 to a sheet or on business card stock to create individual cards. See our Speech/Articulation page for more information.

Age: Toddlers through Elementary School-Age Children