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Illustrations by Osh Thorsson From the Book Otties Journey

Fold n' Touch

Great for every client, the Fold n' Touch is a "tool" designed for flexibility and expansion of receptive language skills. Made of canvas-like fabrics with 4 x 6 flexible windows, the "tool" is designed to be durable and functional. Early learners begin with a single picture of familiar, highly preferred people or objects, and then learn to discriminate in fields of 2-6. The Fold n' Touch is available in a single-sided field of 6, a double-sided field of 6 (12 total with or without grommets for hanging purposes). The presentation can range from personal, customizable photos to commercially available stimuli for the client to discriminate pictures depicting nouns, verbs, functions, pronouns, and concepts.

Ages: 2-6

Fold n'Touch (Plain, Single-Sided) - Price:  $30.00 + FREE Shipping
Fold n'Touch (Plain, Double-Sided) - Price:  $33.00 + FREE Shipping
Fold n'Touch (Double-Sided, With Grommets) - Price:  $35.00 + FREE Shipping