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Illustrations by Osh Thorsson From the Book Otties Journey

Easy Eye Tracker Reading Tool and Guided Decoding Strategies

Easy Eye Tracker Reading Tool (patented) which:
      • Improves the key visual processing skills of left to right eye tracking, ability to focus on single
         letters/letter groups, and the ability to visually recognize word boundaries.
      • Helps children learn to match their eye tracking rates to their rate of sound and word retrieval.
      • Improves auditory and visual closure skills for efficient decoding.

Guided Decoding Strategies which:
      • Teach children key decoding skills: segmentation, alphabetics and blending for single syllable, and
         multi-syllabic word recognition.
      • Facilitate transfer of these word recognition skills into oral reading contexts.
      • Expand sight word vocabulary.
      • Improve oral reading speed, accuracy and fluency.
      • Provide a way for children to engage in develop-mentally appropriate, meaningful reading activities in which
        they experience a high level of decoding success.
      • Engage children in repeated oral reading to solidify decoding ability.
      • Create charts that organize vowel and consonant sound spellings for reading decoding and spelling.

Ages: 1st-12th grade

Easy Eye Tracker Reading Tool & Guided Decoding Strategies - Price:  $20.00 + Shipping