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Cued Oral Reading

Using Supported Oral Reading to Improve the Speech, Language, and Literacy Skills of Children with Apraxia and other Communication Disorders

The Cued Oral Reading manual includes materials, strategies and techniques for using supported oral reading to enhance speech, language and literacy skills. The author has used the program activities effectively for over 35 years with children having cognitive, speech, language, and/or language learning disabilities. Children with apraxia, and other speech disorders, dyslexia, language disabilities, developmental delays, autism, attention deficit disorder with and without hyperactivity, and head injury have benefitted from the program. Consistent gains in language processing, receptive and expressive language, speech clarity, speaking and reading vocabulary, and reading comprehension occur with its use.

The binder includes the following:
      • Transitions to Reading Strategies and Activity Descriptions,
      • Easy Eye Tracker Reading Tool (See below),
      • Guided Decoding Strategies (See below),
      • Reading To Speech Strategies and Activity Descriptions,
      • Sounds You See! Activity with "Talking Chips" (see below),
      • Syllable Toss Activity
      • Long and Short-Term Goals for Each Activity

Goals and Objectives of the Program
1. Transitions to Reading: These activities and strategies help children:
      • Solidify their understanding of the oral movements, which correlate to speech sounds.
      • Solidify their understanding of the oral movements which correlate to letters.
      • Develop a beginning understanding of the link between specific oral motor movements, speech sounds,
        and the letters that "spell" these sounds.
      • Develop print awareness

2. Oral Reading Materials Include:
      • Easy Eye Tracker Reading Tool(patented) which:
      • Improves the key visual processing skills of left to right eye tracking, ability to focus on single
         letters/letter groups, and the ability to visually recognize word boundaries.
      • Helps children learn to match their eye tracking rates to their rate of sound and word retrieval.
      • Improves auditory and visual closure skills for efficient decoding.

Guided Decoding Strategies which: 
      • Teach children key decoding skills: segmentation, alphabetics and blending for single syllable, and
         multisyllabic word recognition.
      • Facilitate transfer of these word recognition skills into oral reading contexts.
      • Expand sight word vocabulary.
      • Improve oral reading speed, accuracy and fluency. 
      • Provide a way for children to engage in developmentally appropriate, meaningful reading activities in
        which they experience a high level of decoding success.
      • Engage children in repeated oral reading of materials to solidify decoding ability.
      • Create charts that organize vowel and consonant sound spellings for reading decoding and spelling.

Sounds You See develops:
      • Auditory and visual closure skills.
      • Auditory discrimination skills.
      • Improved phonological representational memory.
      • Phonemic awareness skills.
      • Sight word vocabulary.

Syllable Toss which develops: Multisyllabic word segmentation and syllable sequencing skills.

Reading to Speech describes how to use oral reading to help children expand and refine their speech and language capabilities.

      • Practice correct sound and syllable sequencing for words
      • Practice sentence structures.
      • Acquire new vocabulary.
      • Efficiently retrieve words from memory.

Ages: Preschool Through Junior High

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